Yellowstone Log Homes

Yellowstone Log Homes was established in 1962 and is situated in Rigby, Idaho. It has one of the largest inventories of house logs in the world.  The logs come from standing dead timber primarily out of the Rocky Mountain Region and are graded by Timber Products Inspection, Inc., the largest wood inspection agency in the nation.  Yellowstone Log Homes offers both a milled log home with several options in appearance, as well as a full hand crafted log home.  The options in log profiles can be seen below.  Yellowstone Log Homes produces logs from 6″-16″ in diameter with a character log option that could be even larger.  

Customers have the option of choosing a Yellowstone stock floor plan, modifying a stock plan or even utilizing the in-house drafting team to design custom blueprints.  Each log home package comes with a construction manual and on-site technical assistance.

Yellowstone Log Home Packages

Yellowstone Log Profiles